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How to get 30% rakeback at Ultimate Bet

Follow these exact steps to guarantee rakeback tracking:

  1. Uninstall Ultimate software if installed on computer earlier.
  2. Delete cookies to ensure proper rakeback tracking.
  3. Click here to download & install the Ultimate Bet software.
  4. Create a real money account using signup code "REDUCTION".
  5. Enter your player's details below, so that we can make rakeback payments to your account.
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Get the Ultimate Bet Rakeback you deserve

rakeback ultimate bet

As a new player signing up at Ultimate Bet, we offer you a 30% rakeback rate. This is one of the highest rates for any online poker room with plenty of traffic, and as Ultimate Bet constantly offers juicy promotions to its players, this is a very attractive deal.

rakeback for american players

Ultimate Bet

Beyond the attractive 30% rakeback, there are many reasons to sign up at Ultimate Bet.

First, they have the largest bonus for new players. You will get a 111% bonus at Ultimate Bet, equaling your first deposit up to $1,100. It you have this kind of money and you are planning on grinding your rakeback at UB, then deposit as much as you can in order to benefit the most.

Another interesting promotion at Ultimate Bet is the 80% reload bonus up to $250. Most rooms do not offer such reload bonuses on a regular basis but UB does. So if you are a rakeback grinder and you frequently withdraw your profits, then you can redeposit later and benefit from such offer.

Do not spread this information too much, as this reload bonus is designed for the fish, not the sharks. If all the sharks start reloading, UB may stop offering this great promotion.

Overall playing poker at Ultimate Bet is a lot of fun. And it is profitable for the patient regulars, who wait for the loose players who always show up. Traffic is excellent, so you will always find action at the mid-stakes. Their tournaments' offering is great as well.

In you like exotic fun, then UB is famous for the Aruba Classic. This is a tournament event that takes place every year on the beautiful island of Aruba in the Caribbean Sea. You can win packages for the Aruba Classic by competing in very cheap satellite tournaments that run all the time.

Ultimate Bet Rakeback

We offer an exclusive 30% Ultimate Bet Rakeback. This is the maximum that UB allows.

By signing up here, you also get access to our $10,000 Monthly Ultimate Bet/Absolute Poker Rake Race. The top 50 players generating the most amount of rake will be paid each month into their UB or AP account. This is an average of $200 of free money each month for the 50 most active players.

It is easy to get rakeback at Ultimate Bet. Use our link to download the UB software, run the program and create your new account (see the red box on top of the page for details). Once your account has been verified by Ultimate Bet, you can make your first deposit. Then send us your details and your rakeback will accrue instantly.

Also note we are the only place where you can withdraw your rakeback every day. Most sites only let you cash out at the end of the month. But if you sign up here, you can make a withdrawal any time you choose.

Last but not least you also get a 111% bonus up to $1,100 when you sign up from this page.


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