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Top 3 Poker Moves

There are many moves experienced players make in poker that can be labeled and defined. We've laid out the top 3 poker moves that you must master if you want to become a highly skilled poker player. Understanding the nature of each poker move, when to use it and how to make sure it's effective most of the time is the key to success here.

Top 3 Poker Moves - #1: Check-Raise

The Check-Raise is the most crucial of all poker moves. Opportunities to use this poker move come fairly often on the hands that you do play, assuming you're playing a solid, tight poker strategy. The intention of the Check-Raise is to induce bets and/or raises from your opponents, thus building a larger pot when you believe you have the best hand.

If you lead out with a small bet, you'll probably get a call, but not likely a raise, limiting the pot size. If you lead out with a big raise, everyone folds and you've gained nothing.

By checking to your opponents, you are relaying a subliminal message of low hand strength, most likely a draw hand. Your opponents see this weakness and place a bet/raise to force you to fold your draw hand. You strike right back with a bigger raise, and whether they fold out or not, you've gained some extra chips off of them.

Top 3 Poker Moves - #2: C-Bet

The C-Bet, a short term for a "continuation bet", is used to convince your opponent that you've got a strong hand when in reality you missed the draw you were betting on previously.

Let's say you have a good draw hand pre-flop so you throw out a value bet of 4x the big blind. You get a caller. The flop comes and you miss. Do you check, telling your opponent that you missed and risking a big bet out of them? Or do you place another bet of decent size to convince them you either hit your hand, or had a great starting hand like pocket aces to begin with? The C-Bet tells them you are still very confident in your hand and will keep the pot from growing too large - maybe even inducing a fold.

Top 3 Poker Moves - #3: Float

The Float is a strong poker move comparable to stealing the blinds, but with a bigger profit on the line. You are essentially stealing the pot on a straight-out bluff.

The Float is generally used after the flop. The idea is to float your way through the hand, placing very few chips in the pot. Check when you can, calling small bets if necessary. Don't risk too much, as this is a complete bluff that could cost a lot if you're not careful. As everyone goes on through the hand showing little confidence, but a desire to keep going simply because no one is showing confidence, you wait for the pot to hit a size you like and make your move. Place a large raise and watch everyone bust out of the hand.

This poker move works best on a scare card. Let's say the board is 5-9-J, and a King or Ace falls on the Turn. Place your big raise and everyone assumes you've hit top pair. So long as no one else hit it, the Float should work quite nicely.


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