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Description: Playing poker on Facebook offers the perfect combination of socializing and poker. Following poker players on twitter can be educational and fun.

If youíd like to get some quality poker practice in, but canít access online poker sites Ė or just want to play in a more casual environment, then why not play poker on Facebook?

The selection of poker games on Facebook is huge.At the time of writing, a search for poker applications on Facebook returned 363 results. Many of those results have only a few hundred active users, but the first page of results shows ten high quality, incredibly popular poker games that you can play on Facebook.

The most popular application is Zyngaís Texas HoldEm poker, which as 28 million monthly active users. There are a couple of others with around a million users each, and several at the half a million mark, including WPT Texas Holdem Poker.

Itís highly likely that some of your friends will play one of these poker games on Facebook, so you will be able to chat with them, and compare stats with them as you play.

As well as playing poker on Facebook, you can enjoy a little bit of a poker fix through the social networking site, Twitter. On Twitter, users communicate using short messages Ė up to 140 characters each. A lot of professional poker players tweet from the poker table.

If youíre interested in hearing about ongoing poker tournaments, and getting an insight into the mind of a professional poker player, then following poker players on Twitter is an easy way to get lots of inside info.

Playing poker on Facebook isnít quite the same as playing on a traditional online poker site. You arenít competing for real money, so people tend to approach the game with a different attitude to the kind youíd see in games where real money is at stake.

Also, players tend to be a little more chatty, seeing the game as a way to make friends rather than a way to improve their poker game. The social aspect of playing poker on Facebook can be the biggest attraction for many people.


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