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Rush Poker at Full Tilt

Full Tilt poker has introduced a new form of online poker that brings a modern dimension to the game: rush poker.

In rush poker, you will be able to play online poker much faster, and not waste any time (even seconds) when you want to fold your hand.

Say you play in a full ring cash game with a total of 9 players including yourself, and you get 73o UTG. You fold immediately, but now you know that you are going to wait seconds or even one minute until this hand is over and it is your turn to play the next hand from the big blind.

This unnecessary waiting time is excruciating pain for the most active players, but Full Tilt has invented a new form of online poker that remedies this: rush poker.

Full Tilt Rakeback

What is rush poker?

In a nutshell, the way rush poker works at Full Tilt is that you get a "quick fold" button. So in the above scenario, you would press the quick fold button and you will be immediately transferred to another table and dealt a new hand. No time wasted at all.

This way instead of playing about 60 hands an hour, you will play between 250 and 350 hands an hour, as all the useless wasted time when you wait for new cards does not exist anymore. This is only possible because Full Tilt has an advanced technology-savvy software platform that they can offer this service.

The way rush poker at Full Tilt is played is that when you press the quick button, you end up at another table with eight other players (or five if you play the 6-max version). But because there are hundreds of players in one "rush poker" game, everybody sits almost instantaneously at this new table. There will be no noticeable delay until you get your new cards and it is your turn to play.

If once more you do not like your hole cards, you can use the quick button again, and you will immediately be moved to a fresh table and dealt new cards.

You can repeat this process ten, twenty or even fifty times if you want, until you get a pair of kings or aces. And you will get such hands much more often, a few times per hour indeed given the number of hands dealt per hour.

Full Tilt poker has developed rush poker very effectively and there is nothing to worry about. Just pick at table (at the moment they have from NL10 to NL100), sit down and enjoy the ride.

Rush Poker strategy

Rush poker is all the craze of the Internet nowadays and this new form of online social poker entices a new strategy if you want to be profitable at it.

The main rush poker characteristic is that you need to play mostly your cards, and not mostly the player, as is the general approach by profitable players in regular online poker. Because you will not know how the other players play at your table (as they will change all the time), you must focus on your cards and your position first of all.

You will be facing different players at each hand you play, so for the most part table image is non-existent. Playing the card is the way to go. For example if you only play the range {QQ+, AK} and bet it aggressively pre flop, using patience and aggression, you may face an action junkie who plays 50% of his hands. But as he does not know that you play like a rock, he may not believe your bets and call you with his weaker range.

The recommended method is to play very tight and to wait for casual players seeking the thrill. Because this is still a new form of online poker, opportunity for making good money at it exist.

Is bluffing or semi-bluffing a good move at rush poker? Bluff and play more solidly as you will have almost no read on the other players, so if you get called you do not know if your opponent is a calling station or a rock.

Combined with Full Tilt rakeback, rush poker is a great way for online entertainment and the possibility to earn real cash.


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