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Restealing the Blinds

Most poker players will be familiar with the term "Stealing Blinds", but re-stealing them may be a new concept to many.

Restealing the blinds involves identifying a player who is already stealing blinds from certain positions, and using that information to steal them back in a move resembling a check-raise manoeuvre. It is can be a risky strategy to adopt, but may also prove exceptionally lucrative in certain situations.

Restealing strategy

Re-stealing the blinds is a strategy best used in the later stages of a multi table poker tournament when you are seated in early to mid position and your "stealer" is towards the end of the betting.

You would have to limp in with a call - a move which may be alien to your style of play and surprise other players who have been monitoring you. You may find that your unusual betting action causes a number of other players to fold, but hopefully your target makes his regular blind-stealing raise, and when the betting comes back to you, you re-raise him with a major bet which causes him to fold.

The obvious drawback to this strategy is when your opponent will have a better pre-flop hand than you, but as a rule if they have been stealing blinds with a typical 3x raise, and betting more significant amounts when they have a premium opening hand, you will be able to spot this. The size of your bet will determine whether they choose to fold, call or re-raise, and so this is an element which must carefully be calculated.

Restealing size

Your raise has to be enough to encourage the player to fold, but not so much that if they call or raise you will be crippled.

Ideally you should make a raise of around 3 times their original bet, so that if the blinds were 100/200 and your opponent bet 600 chips, you would then bet 1.800 chips - this would be big enough to discourage an easy call, but leave you with sufficient chips should your player choose to call.

If they re-raise, your next action would be determined by the strength of your own hand and the fact that they have position on you.

One important factor to take into account is the size of the chip stack in front of the "stealer". If they have only 8-15 big blinds remaining and have opened the action, it is much less likely that they are attempting to steal the blinds than somebody with a much healthier stack. They might even have the cards to shove, but do not want to frighten off the rest of the table with such a large bet.

Maybe they are even looking for somebody to be playing this strategy which would almost guarantee that they double up.

Re-stealing the blinds is a useful tool to have in your poker toolbox if the correct conditions fall into place. It is very much a bet against value, but can enable you to take 4½BBs out of a pot when you hold nothing, and add a new dimension to your play to make you even less predictable in the eyes of your opponents and harder to read.

At Absolute Poker, there are plenty of tournaments starting at all time of the day. Test your blind restealing technique at Absolute Poker now, as most players at low or mid-stakes levels are not too good at it. And you can get 30% rakeback by clicking the image below.


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