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Sit and go tournaments are gaining popularity on the Internet.

This form of online poker can be very profitable for the experienced and astute player. Even more so if he has the proper rakeback deals in place.

Your sit and go tournament strategy

Sit and go have not been "solved" per say, but it is getting close. Some players have developed a methodology that is nearly systematic, and which can bring regular profits if applied rigorously. This strategy works best for 9 or 10 seats NLHE sit'n gos.

In heads-up and short-handed sit'n gos, the ability to read opponents is crucial and cannot be made into such an easy system. In multi-table sit'n gos, the optimal play is similar to MTTs and cannot be made into a system. So if you are looking for a way to make steady consistent profits in online poker, regular full ring sit'n gos is one easy choice.

Add a good rakeback deal, and you are giving yourself a good chance to add to your bank account on a regular basis. You may wonder if this is so easy to get such a steady income, how come everyone does not do it?

The truth of the matter is that this is a rather systematic method requiring study. Most players just want to have fun on line, without working too much on it. They like the excitement of making a raise shove with a flush draw and eliminating a swearing opponent who flopped the nuts set (by the flop, but not the nuts by the river anymore). But if they miss, they simply join another sit'n go table.

You know better, but how does rakeback come into the picture?

Rakeback for sit and go players

Here is a list of important points to be aware before you choose a rakeback deal.

Not all rooms or deals pay rakeback on all sit and go or multi-table tournament fees. Make sure you get that. All deals at include a guaranteed rakeback on buy-in fees, such as the Full Tilt Rakeback deal and the Cake Poker Rakeback deal.

By the way the rakeback calculation method does not matter as the rake is just the buy-in fee, a no-brainer.

Find the optimal number of tables and format for you. For example turbo sit and go can potentially pay a higher hourly rate, simply because they end faster. But they have a lower ROI, because chance is more important (due to blinds rising faster). In addition if you multi-table you also add to your hourly profit, but your ROI should decrease as you will focus less on each table that you are playing.

This is a question of finding the right balance for you. Test, test and test. Constantly test what works best, and test higher stakes levels also as you make progress, which here again is a question of balance, as the profit potential is larger at higher limits, but competition is tougher too. Also test different rooms, as each one has its own specific profit potential.

Choose a room offering a competitive bonus to new players. After you have earned the bonus and taken most advantage of their promotions, move on to the next poker room to build your bankroll. You can test a few rooms this way, keep one as you favorite poker room and use the others for testing and easy bonus money.

Always deposit the maximum amount to fully benefit from such bonuses, but be warned that a bonus may clear a bit slowly unless you play high-stakes sit and go tournaments. No matter what, this is an opportunity not to be missed that will complement well with your rakeback deal.

Mixing fun with some thinking about how to increase your expected value in poker will lead you a long way.

Looking for excitement and fun? It's time for casinos online. Good luck at the rakeback tables.


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