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The Rakeback Explained

Because poker is played between players in a live casino and not against the house, the way the casinos have been compensated is by taking a small fee directly from the pot, called the rake.

Online poker rooms likewise take a rake from every hand played, assuming it meets some requirement. Usually a flop must be seen for the rake to be taken. Also normally no rake is taken at the lowest micro-limits such as $0.01/$0.02.

The rate taken depends on the size of the pot and the stake limits, but overall the rake is about 5% of the pot with a maximum of $3.

So does the rake matter?

If you are a casual player playing online poker occasionally for the fun, then the rake probably does not really matter to you. But if you are a regular player trying to grind a profit from online poker and playing a large number of hands weekly or daily, then the rake matters to you a lot.

A simple example will show that. Say you play in a NL50 ring game. You have AKs and after a raise battle you end up all in preflop with one opponent who as QQ. This is one of these coin flip situations and the expected value is zero (assuming you also face as many reverse situations where you have QQ versus AKs).

But with a pot of $100, the poker room will take a $3 rake. So on average it will cost you $1.50 each time you face this type of all in heads-up. It clearly makes it harder to make money once you take into account such large cuts in your profit.

This is where the rakeback comes into play.

Because some selected poker rooms agree with us that the rake is too high for the most active players, we have negotiated exclusive agreements with them, where our players get a share of their rake back.

It is very simple to get rakeback from us, and the only condition is that you have never played in the poker room you are considering for rakeback. This is because these poker rooms use rakeback as an incentive to attract new players.

Choose a rakeback deal in our list, and your rakeback will start accruing to you today. If you already play actively in one online poker room without getting rakeback, this is a great opportunity to open an account in a new room and see for yourself what difference it makes to get rakeback.


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