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Heads-up Sit'n Gos

Heads-up Sit and Gos is a form of poker that can be very profitable for the experienced player.

If you are a new player, you can try it to get a feel about poker, but move over soon to other venues. If you are a solid poker player, starting to play heads-up sit and go will have many benefits for you.

The advantage of playing heads-up sit and gos are first that you can make good money from it because you will face a lot of unskilled or horrible players.

Additionally by mastering the techniques necessary to dominate these tournaments, you will learn skills that will carry a significant edge into your game. And that edge can be applied to all game formats, both in ring games and in tournaments.

The normal blind size is 10/20 with 1500 chips, or 75 bb deep. This is shallow deep so to speak, i.e. on the shallow side of deep-stacked, so skills are still very important. This is the standard format but the largest online poker rooms offer a variety of other formats, such as "turbo", "deep" (200bb) and "no blind increase".

The deeper the stacks, the more skills will be important, but a deep heads-up sit'n go can take two hours to unfold, lowering your profit per hour, so try each format and choose the one you are the most comfortable with. Overall these sit and go tourneys can be highly profitable with a lower variance than other forms of online poker.

For choosing at which level of buy-in to play, the general rule of thumb is to use a bankroll of twenty buy-ins by default. But be flexible: move up or down one level according to where your bankroll is, and do not follow your ego. Many highly skilled sit and go players have lost their entire bankroll by listening to their ego instead of their wallet, and by playing at buy-in levels that they could not afford.

Some of the important ring games type of poker skills that you must develop in order to succeed at heads-up sit and go tournaments are the ability to understand board texture, to decide when to c-bet, when to barrel-bet or when to check-raise. The important multi-table tournament type of skill that you must acquire is how your range should change as the relative stack size change due to the blinds rising.

Also called m-zones, the relative stack sizes dictate which hands are playable or not at different stages of the match. In this order of ideas, you should vary your raise size depending on the stage of the tournament. Typically start at a 3 big blind raise size, lower this to 2.5 bb raise between 15/30 & 25/50, and just min-raise 2 bb beyond that level. This helps avoiding to play monster pots all the time.

One of most important skill that you must gain is adapting and adjusting to your opponents. Not only will you make more money by understanding this aspect of heads-up sit and go tournaments, but also this is a crucial skill that carries over to any other form of poker.

Very often short-handed or full ring hands lead to a heads-up face up between two players, and you will be highly confident in such situations after you have mastered heads-up sit'n gos.


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