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Pick The Table To Play Texas Holdem

Picking a Texas Holdem Table for play can be tricky.

poker table

It is much easier to pick a table online than in real life. You can cruise through thousands of different tables with relative ease on the different poker sites.

You can do the same thing in an online site as you can in a real world casino. Stand there and watch the play. Try to get a feel for the game. Is it tight or are they playing loose. Is there one guy who drops out time after time before he get to see the flop. Watch him if you decide to sit down. He is playing to win.

The deal will change every time a new hand is played so you need not pay attention to who is dealing the cards. Pay attention to the guy who has the deal though. Position on the table can dictate how you bet. The dealer is in the best position to steal the blinds with a raise.

Don't play Texas Holdem for comps, but be sure and take them if they are available. When you play in a real world casino be sure and give the dealer your players card so that they can track your play. They are free to get and unless you are a real high roller it is the only way the casino has a checking your comp level. You can get food and rooms for free and this all adds into your bottom line. It is not all what you get from them in the, "Right Now" but the offers that you will get in the mail throughout the course of the year that make it valuable. A free room for a couple of nights can put an extra couple of hundred dollars in your pocket.

Look for the really bad poker players. These are the guys who call every hand or most hands. Remember that a poker game is like a knife fight. Bring a gun and no mercy. The bad poker players in the game will contribute to your profit. Do not take pity on them and NOT raise when you know they are beat but will call anyway. If you can, trap them with a Check/Raise to get as much money out of them as possible.

Loose Poker Players

These guys are the dreamers. They cannot fail to make a poker hand out of only two cards. They see all the possibilities including three of a kind falling in the flop. They believe that poker and especially holdem is a matter of luck not skill. They will almost always call and bet on the come. Get one of these guys sitting on your right and you can't go wrong. He will almost always call your raise.

Tight Players

This should be you. Although you do not want to give the appearance of being tight. A tight player will hardly ever raise before the flop. They will stay in the pot only if their hand has a good chance of winning and they will have a moderate to large stack of chips in front of them. Avoiding the appearance of being a tight player is the best reason to make sure that you get caught in a bluff.

The Dumb Ass

Try to get this guy on your left. You can count on him to raise and even re-raise. He finds it almost impossible to just call a hand. He has to have the flash and the excitement of raising to have any fun. Always thinks that he is lucky because he never remembers the hands that he lost, only the hands that he won on the River. He should have, "Check/Raise Me" stamped on his forehead.

Bluff Your Way To Fortune With Texas Holdem

There are times to bluff and times not to bluff. Some people cannot tell the difference. You most certainly want to get caught bluffing a time or two a night just to make sure that you do not get pegged as a tight player.

A very good bluff that does not even look like a bluff is raising before the flop with Big Slick Ace/King. Before you do this you must be mindful of your position on the table. Cool, if you are the dealer or acting just before the dealer but of less use as you travel back toward the blinds.

Texas Holdem and Position

If you have only played online and never played in a casino you will be astounded by the importance of position when you do. Of course, playing online will give you some hint of how important your bet position is but it is driven home by the physical world of the casino. If you can afford the time and money then you should go and play at a real world poker room at least once. It will vastly improve your online game. Besides: It's fun.

The Business of Poker

I have heard the statistic that every American lives within three hundred miles of a casino. I myself live within fifty miles of a casino. That may seem very close but it takes an hour to drive there and an hour to drive back. Keep track of your expenses.

When figuring your earnings on poker you have to take into consideration the cost of gasoline, food and drink. The last person that you want to bluff is yourself. You should know almost to the penny how much it costs you to play and how much you have won. If the two balance out pretty even, at the very least you have had fun and there is a possibility that playing poker can be an income boost for you.


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